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Pool Safety Spain

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Pool Safety Equipment, Services and Materials
On our site you will find the very best of Pool Safety products to make you pool the safest place it can be for your family, friends and pets.
Our pool safety products include the
Pool Hoists for disabled swimmers.

Swimming Pools are great places for relaxing, having fun and getting some exercise in the fresh air; but they can be dangerous places. Thousands of people die or are injured in them every year.

Swimmers are at risk from: - Electrocution, poisoning, infections, cuts, falls, diving injuries, entrapment, brain damage, paralysis - or even death.


To help you to make your own pool the safest place it can be we have written a  Pool Safety eBook - available for all platforms.

'The Pool Safety Bible' covers 30 different aspects of Pool and Water Safety in plain language - with no jargon

Click herehere for your copy. (Automatic translation: - many thanks to Google TranslateGoogle Translate)


Please advise other people who own or use a pool, or who live near or swim in, lakes, rivers or the sea, that they can download their own copy, too.

The Pool Safety Bible is risk-free - we won't be sending you emails trying to sell you other things (we don't even collect your email address).


Safety Statistics

There are a lot of pools in the world, lots of water, lots of swimmers - and lots of accidents.

Read some disturbing statistics here.